Benefits of Automatic Dog Doors Explained!


Smart dog doors are automatic electronic doors that can be used to allow entry to your dogs or cats. These are the secure versions of standard pet doors armed with RFID technology. The pet collar tags contain ID microchips that are akin to the house keys for your dog.

Here we list some key benefits of automatic dog doors

Automatic dog doors

No strays enter

By installing the smart doors you limit the entry to the house to only your adopted pets and not strays. The microchip installed in the collar tag on your dog sends a signal to the door to open, and close as soon as the entry is made.

Safety ensured for animals

These doors are simply more hi-tech, which ensures that the pet doesn’t get stuck while entering or leaving the house through the doors. The sensitive motion sensors are adept at detecting movement. The door has ambient lighting even when it is dark. It lights up on opening and goes off on closing. This makes the pet doors highly energy efficient. You could also use the remote control for opening or closing the door.

Suitable for small and big dogs

You do not have to worry if the size of your dog is big. The doors are installed to suit both small sizes and big-sized pets.

Automatic dog doors

High security

The automatic dog doors are burglarproof, set up with an alarm system. The alarm rings when an insecure activity registers through the sensitive door sensors. This would drive the thieves or miscreants away!

Noise & dust stay far

Given the solid structure and tight seals, the door doesn’t allow outside noise to disturb you. The dust doesn’t enter your home from the outside.


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Q: Do electronic dog doors work?

A: The dog Electronic SmartDoor is activated by a SmartKey attached to your pet’s collar. Pets come into and out of the range of the radio-frequency lock, which opens and locks the door. Usually, doors are set as sensitive as 2 feet, but you can adjust it as needed


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