Top 10 Best Dog Carrier Backpacks in 2020 Reviews


By now, you probably know that dogs love tagging along with their human owners. Whether you are looking forward to a long hike, mountaineering, cycling, or travels, the best dog carrier backpacks make your life easier.

These carriers have numerous benefits. First, small pups get tired quickly. So, if you are looking to invite them for long off-road adventures, these carriers will do both of you justice. For anxious or disabled pets, the pet backpack carriers enable them to join the fun. And, they are cheaper and easy to travel on flights too!

In this post, we have reviewed the top 10 best dog carrier backpacks that are convenient and extremely easy to use. With these carriers, you will never have to leave your pooch behind whether you are into cycling, hiking, or even shopping. Go on, get any of the following dog carrier backpacks, and enjoy your adventure with your pooch.

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks In 2020

10. K9 Sport Sack | Dog Carrier Backpacks

K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack

Price: Reasonably priced

Size: 12 x 10 x 22 inches

Construction: Oxford fabric

Best for: Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs

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If you are looking for a dog carrier backpack that adjusts to meets your Fido’s and your needs, you don’t need to look further. With a versatile design, this carrier helps you carry small pets, pets suffering from an injury as well as anxious pets. What sets this model from the rest is its solid construction and large capacity.

Better still, this model comes in an innovative design that makes it easy to get your pet inside. Unfortunately, dogs don’t like being contained in a small space. However, the patented design allows you to get him inside the carrier in minutes. For added security, this model comes with a D-ring that you can attach your pet’s collar.

Pros and Cons

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Oversized design allows it to accommodate larger pets
  • Available in three sizes
  • The shoulder straps are somewhat narrow

9. Outward Hound Front Carrier for Dogs

Outward Hound Front Carrier for Dogs

Price: Very affordable

Size: 8″ L x 11″ W x 10″H”

Construction: Scratch-resistant mesh and tough fabric

Best for: Ideal for medium-sized dogs up to 20 lbs

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Whether you are hiking, cycling, or walking for some fresh air, this pet carrier lets your small pet accompany you. You don’t need to leave your pooch behind because they get tired easily or have anxiety disorders. This smartly engineered pet carrier makes it easy for you to bring your pet wherever you go.

It features durable, weather-resistant fabric construction for enhanced durability. The material is also breathable to ensure sufficient airflow while keeping your pet fresh. Moreover, this carrier has side pockets for stowing pet treats and other essentials.

Pros and Cons

  • Water-resistant nylon fabric
  • It has extra pockets for carrying your pet’s treats and water
  • Added padding for comfort
  • Available in only two color choices

8. Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Price: Medium price range

Size: 11.7″Lx10.7″Wx18.8″H

Construction: Scratch-resistant PVC mesh and oxford cloth

Best for: Ideal for pets weighing less than 15 pounds

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Whether you are a dog or a cat person, this carrier backpack serves you right. The Blitzwolf pet carrier features an innovative design, which makes it an excellent choice for pets and owners that loves to explore the outdoors. It boasts of a beautiful capsule-style that has a large transparent window. This allows them to enjoy the scenery and your company.

Equally, this model is made from durable, pet-safe materials. These eco-friendly materials are comfortable and breathable. It also includes side pockets, which are ideal for keeping your pet’s treats, water, as well as small things.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with a large transparent window
  • Multiple air vents keep your pet cool and comfortable
  • High-quality scratch-resistant PVC mesh and oxford cloth
  • Not ideal for small pets

7. Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

Price: Fairly priced

Size: 16 by 13-1/2 by 22-inch

Construction: Oxford fabric and mesh

Best for: Ideal for pets up to 25-pound

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Breathable, fashionable, and durable, the Pet Gear backpack makes an elegant pet carrier for hiking and other outdoor activity. It is designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, allowing you to enjoy nature with your furry friend. The well-ventilated design will not only ensure optimal airflow but also lets your pet enjoy the cool breeze.

Another notable feature that comes with this model is side pockets. The pockets are handy for keeping your pet’s treats and water. Besides, your comfort isn’t ignored. This model comes with wide and well-padded shoulder straps that are adjustable.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Lightweight and durable fabric
  • Included tether to attach your pet harness for extra safety
  • The back could be padded better

6. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

Price: Slightly expensive

Size: 24.4*13.4*17.7 in

Construction: Oxford cloth and PVC polyester

Best for: Hold Pets Up to 18 Lbs

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Stand out from the crowd and carry your pet in style with this pet carrier. This gorgeous pet backpack is an ideal choice for smaller dogs weighing less than 18 pounds. It boasts of a widened design to boost your pet comfort and a well-padded shoulder pad for your comfort. As expected, the backpack features solid construction that withstands repeated use for years.

Speaking of construction, this unit comes with a firm bottom that is removable and well-padded interior. The polyester material is double stitched to improve the overall durability while the large ventilation keeps your pooch cool.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Comes in an expandable design
  • Lightweight, durable and portable
  • Small exterior pockets

5. Texsens Innovative Bubble Backpack dog Carrier

Texsens Innovative Bubble Backpack dog Carrier

Price: Budget-friendly

Size: 16.5″x15.2″x11.4″

Construction: PVC mesh and polyester materials

Best for: Easily fits most small, medium-sized dogs and cats

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Never leave your beloved pet at home while you can enjoy the magical moments wherever you go. This pet backpack easily accommodates small to medium-sized dogs. It features a three-sided PVC mesh for optimal airflow. The non-scratch mesh also lets you keep an eye on your pet. The premium construction ensures long-lasting use.

Notably, this unit also comes with a comfortable mat that is removable. This improves overall comfort. The mat also makes cleaning easier. Additionally, the airline approved designs let you bring your pet to vacations or overseas travels.

Pros and Cons

  • Airline Approved design
  • Super Breathable for enhanced airflow
  • 180°viewing sight makes it easy for your pet to lookout
  • It comes with fewer exterior pockets

4. Snoozer-Roll around Pet Carrier

Snoozer-Roll around Pet Carrier

Price: Medium range

Size: 17″ H x 15″ W x 12″ D

Construction: Nylon and mesh

Best for: Perfect for small to medium-sized pets

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Taking your pooch out for adventure shouldn’t be difficult. However, your pet tires easily, especially when traveling for long-distance. This backpack makes your travels with your pet a breeze. With a four in one design, this carrier seamlessly converts into a wheeled carrier, backpack, pet bed, and a car seat.

It keeps your pet comfortable and happy. The three-sided mesh ensures optimal airflow at the same time giving your poodle a clear view. What’s more, this model comes in a durable construction that guarantees top performance seasons by season.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes with an ergonomic telescope handle
  • Has breathable mesh on three sides
  • Great for traveling with dogs and cats
  • Fewer color choices

3. LEMONDA Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack

LEMONDA Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack

Price: Fairly priced

Size: 12.6 “L x 11.5 “W x 16.5 “H

Construction: Canvas + high-density acrylic material

Best for: Fits pet up to 14 pounds

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The LEMONDA Portable pet backpack is the perfect blend of fashion and quality. This model comes in a lightweight and cute design. The realistic design also keeps your pet comfortable and relaxed during your travel. Your pet will not feel boxed in. Thanks to the large transparent window, your pet enjoys a clear view. This keeps him engaged and entertained during your travels.

Mediocre pet backpacks fall into pieces after only a few months of use. However, this model is made from high-end materials that ensure solid performance for years. Moreover, it comes with an inbuilt lock that keeps your pet secure.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and cute design
  • Comes with large ventilation holes to keep the pet cool and comfortable
  • Available in over eight color choices
  • Only one opening

2. Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack Carrier

Petsfit Soft Pet Back pack Carrier

Price: Reasonably priced

Size: 13 x 11 x 17 inches

Construction: Plastic bottom and tough oxford fabric

Best for: Ideal for medium-sized pets less than 20 pounds

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Transverse the wilderness, go for long trips and hit the hiking trails with your adorable pooch with this well-crafted carrier backpack. This model comes in an ingenious design that keeps both you and your pet comfortable and happy. It is made from durable materials that ensure durability and top-notch performance for years.

Better yet, this model comes with large ventilation holes to keep your pooch well ventilated and cool, especially during those hot days. This is facilitated by the large non-scratch mesh windows. The windows will also enable your pet to enjoy the view. You can keep an eye on your pet too!

Pros and Cons

  • Made using pet-safe yet durable materials
  • It comes with well-padded straps that are adjustable
  • Proper ventilation ensure your pooch doesn’t feel claustrophobic
  • It is not expandable

1. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Price: Reasonably priced

Size: 12.5 x 10.2 x 16.3 Inches

Construction: 600D high-grade polyester

Best for: Ideal for Small Cats and Dogs, Puppies

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Dogs love tagging along with their owners, whether hiking, cycling, or walking. Unfortunately, smaller dog breeds get tired easily. Therefore, you need to carry them whenever you are planning a long walk. PetAmi pet carrier backpack is solemnly designed to help you carry your furry friend wherever you go. This unit comes with large ventilation on both the sides and front to allow for optimal airflow and comfort.

This backpack has a firm structure that provides enough space for your pet. The solid structure also prevents it from collapsing when carrying your pooch. Still, on construction, this unit is made of durable polyester materials to ensure a reliable service for years.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a weight capacity of up to 18 pounds
  • It has two sides entry for easy entry and exit
  • Breathable and well-padded back and shoulder strap
  • It is not ideal for large pets

Selecting the best Dog carrier backpack

Due to the large volume of products available on the market, selecting the best dog backpack might be confusing. However, if you know exactly what you need, the process will be much easier. Below are some of the pointers that set you in the right direction.

Size and weight

First, ensure that the backpack you select fits your pooch. Obviously, selecting a bag that is too small for your pet will affect his comfort and well-being. On the other hand, a backpack that is too big might restrict the view. Additionally, you should also ensure that the backpack is sturdy enough to accommodate the weight of your dog.


Next, consider the construction materials. As with most products, the construction materials often contribute to the durability and performance of the backpack. We recommend going for a product that is made of high-end fabric that is weatherproof. The mesh materials should also be touch and scratch-resistant.

Ventilation and Security

Sufficient ventilation ensures optimal airflow and enhanced comfort. Therefore, ensure that the backpack has enough ventilation and allows for a clear view. Additionally, it ensures that the backpack keeps your furry friend well secured. Some of the great security features to consider include a durable zipper closure and a ring to attach the lease if need be.


Dog love accompanying their owners, and if you are looking to enhance their comfort and security, the above carries are a great choice. The list above contains carriers that come in different sizes, designs, and materials. With a wide variety, it will be easier for you to select a model that will work correctly for you and your paw friend. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the right size for a dog carrier backpack?
A. Well, there is no one size fit all backpacks for your pet. You need to ensure that you pick a carrier that accommodates your pet comfortably. You can do so by first taking accurate measurements of your pet. Ensure that the backpack has enough room for him to stand up a lie-down.
Q. How do I measure my dog correctly?
A. Take your pet’s length, starting from his nape tip to his tail base. This gives you the correct size when he is lying down. Next, measure his height. Take this measurement from the floor to his shoulder when he in an upright position.
Q. Are dog carrier backpacks suitable for long trips?
A. Yes, these backpacks are designed for long trips. They are comfortable for both the pet and the user. Since they offer plenty of room, your pet can relax and enjoy the view as you travel. Additionally, these backpacks come with a well-padded back and adjustable shoulder straps to boost your comfort.

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