Top 10 Best Dog House Heaters in 2021 Reviews


In any winter cold and windy weather conditions, it is essential to keep your dog toasty and cozy in their outdoor homes. Nevertheless, some dogs can produce heat themselves in any cold climate but cannot manage any severe cold seasons. To achieve comfort for your dog in these cold seasons. You must install best dog house heaters. They will keep your dog warm even in very extreme cold weather and which is very important to the health of your dog. This dog house heater arrives with a long laundry list for the benefits of your dog.

Moreover, with many brands that are in the market, it can be daunting for you to find the right one for your dog. That’s why in this article we have saved you time and effort to find the right dog house heater for your dog. We have reviewed and recommended the best that is in the market. Therefore, skim through and take the right one for your dog.

Best Dog House Heaters In 2021

10. Hound Heater Dog House Heaters


Brand: Hound heater

Material: Coated steel

Max cord length: 8 ft

Temp level: 30 – 90 degrees

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Are you looking for a safe and reliable dog house heater? Then Hound Heater Dog House Heaters is your ultimate choice for your dog. This dog house heater is very durable thanks to its quality material. It is real, compact and effortless to use. The installation process is never a problem as this one comes with a distinctive mounting bracket. It can be placed on igloo dog house up to about 32 cubic foot in size. This dog house heater can still be used for smaller homes.

Nevertheless, Hound Heater Dog House Heaters uses 150 watts wire component, the device is stable and will warm your dog safely and keeping them comfortable in any weather condition. This dog house heater features an internal heat protector that guards the entire elements which stop the exterior from getting very hot. This means that your dog can comfortably lie directly on the unit as they will keep them comfy and toasty all through. Its electric cord is heavy-duty hence it chew-proof and its temperature is adjustable from 30-90 degrees to where you need it.

Pros and Cons


• It is a mountable heater
• Very powerful to heat both small big house
• Safe and easy to install the device
• It comes with a replaceable 150-watt wire component


• It needs some assembling although it is easy

9. AKOMA Dog Products Dog House Heaters


Brand: AKOMA

Material: Coated steel

Fan frequency: 30,000 hr

Cord length: 8 ft

Weight: 9.5 pounds

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The AKOMA Dog Products Dog House Heater is designed to be used for a wide range of weather condition. This dog house heater will cool your dog down through the summer season and make the toasty during the winter conditions. Its noise levels are well balanced to ensure that it will not disturb your pet as it sleeps. Most of the pooch finds them to be peaceful and you can set the temperature by using an in-built thermostat to where you need it. This is the best dog house heater that is versatile to any weather condition.

Additionally, AKOMA Dog Products Dog House Heater is easy to install, and the fixing process is never a problem. It is durable because of its coated steel material; therefore, give you a lifetime experience. It pulls outside air into the house at a speed of 24 ft. in a minute and will refresh the air that’s within on one to two times in a minute.

Pros and Cons


• Easy to mount and use
• It is quiet with no disturbance noise
• The thermostats give max control
• It is a versatile device; it can both heat and cool


• A bit pricey but it will give a lifetime service

8. ASL Solutions Dog House Heaters


Brand: ASL solutions

Size of the foam: 2-4-inches

Weight: 66 pounds

Dimension: 47.5 by 31.5 by 38.5-inches

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If you are searching for an outdoor dog house heater that is long-lasting and cute, then the ASL Solutions Dog House Heater is your only option. This dog house heater is insulated and does not need installation. It comes with a self-closing door and a with a dense rubber surface that keeps your dog comfortable and toasty in cold weather. This is the best dog house heater that comes with a style that one should get for their pets.

Moreover, ASL Solutions Dog House Heater walls are fitted with recycled EPS foam, and its door is installed correctly and self-closing to enable it to be suitable insulation. This means that, with a 100watts bulb and an outside temperature of 40 degrees, the interior temperature will remain at 70 degrees. The floor is sloppy with drain holes to ensure that the cleaning process is quickly done frequently. For safety precaution the heater cord is at the behind this unit henceforth, preventing your dog and people from stepping on it or damaging it.

Pros and Cons


• It has a sloppy and drained floor for easy cleaning
• The walls are filled with foam
• It comes with self-closing door and removal bottom
• This one does not require installation


• Some people have a problem with its insulation process, but it is well designed

7. Vornado Dog House Heaters