Top 10 Best Dog Hunting Vest in 2020 Reviews


Our furry friends make fantastic hunting companions. They not only help you to capture your prey but also provide companionship when tracking your prey. Just like yourself, you should also keep your pooch safe when exploring the outdoors. Best hunting vest for dogs keep your Fido safe and comfortable during your hunting escapades. It is common sense to ensure that your pet is visible to other hunters to prevent accidents. Your pet will also brush against thickets, rocks, and other tough vegetation. Best dog hunting vest also ensure that your pet’s skin is free of injuries.

Similar to supplies for your Fido, it can be overwhelming to go through multitudes of products available online. This guide aims at making it a little bit easier by reviewing the top-selling products on the market. Let’s get to it.

Best Dog Hunting Vest In 2020

10. See Spot Zip EV Reflective Dog Vest


See Spot Trot - See Spot Zip EV Sport High Visibility Reflective Dog Safety Vest

Price: Very affordable

Construction materials: Nylon

Special features: High visibility, quality material, comfortable body form design.

Best for: Ideal for small to medium sized hunting and sporting dogs.

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The See Spot Zip is designed to keep your fur baby belly, chest, and back from sticks and thorns, he will encounter during the hunt. Besides protecting your pooch’s skin, this unit also comes with highly visible color. This makes your pet easy to spot when hunting or taking part in other outdoor activities. For enhanced safety, this model also features a large zipper that ensures a snug fit. Additionally, the zipper closure makes it easy to wear and take off. Moreover, best dog hunting vest is made from high quality, tear-resistant materials. It is also machine washable!

Pros and Cons

  • Full-body coverage, both back, and chest
  • Machine washable
  • Durable construction
  • Not suitable for cold weather

9. Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Vests


Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Vests

Price: Reasonably priced

Construction materials: 3 mm neoprene fabric

Special features: Adjustable straps with release buckle closures, double-stitched for enhanced durability, tough 3 mm neoprene fabric.

Best for: Ideal for smaller athletic dogs weighing 35-45 lb.

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This fantastic vest is designed to keep your pooch safe when out hunting, or enjoying other outdoor activities. Unlike other models on the market, this vest is made from tough and warm fabric that keeps your pet warm and protected. The 3mm neoprene fabric comes in a cut to fit design, which ensures a perfect fit. This means that it doesn’t rub his armpits or chest, providing all-day comfort. Next, we love the Realtree Max- 5 Camo color that matches to the hunting habitat. By so doing, it keeps a low profile while the Velcro straps ensure a secure closure. Notably, this model also comes with an inbuilt chest protective plate and a handle on the back.

Pros and Cons

  • High quality and comfortable materials
  • The camouflage pattern is excellent for hunting
  • Easy to see in daylight and at night
  • Not easily visible

8. Hiado Dog Reflective Safety Vest


Hiado Dog Reflective Safety Vest

Price: Very affordable

Construction materials: Breathable dacron

Special features: Easily adjustable straps, highly visible, lightweight polyester construction.

Best for: Ideal for large dogs that love spending time outdoors.

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With visibility of more than five hundred feet, the Haido safety vest ensures that your Fido is highly visible when hunting or on the road. The high profile ensures that it is safe from other hunters and oncoming cars when taking a walk. It is made from durable polyester materials, which are rugged to withstand daily wear and tear. Another notable feature is the lightweight design and air mesh panel that keeps your pet cool. This makes it not only great for hunting but also other outdoor activities such as running, camping, training, and walking.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to spot
  • Made from durable materials
  • Machine washable
  • Not waterproof

7. Petflect Reflective Dog Vest


Petflect Reflective Dog Vest

Price: Very affordable

Materials: Lightweight breathable nylon

Special features: Decorative reflective paw print, visible from more than 500 feet, fully adjustable Velcro fasteners.

Best for: While the size is adjustable, this model fits small to large dogs.

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The key to ensuring that your fur baby is safe in the woods, on the road, as well as other outdoor settings, is to ensure that he is highly visible. The Petflect dog vest provides that your pet is easy to spot wherever your adventure takes you. Surprisingly, this unit is lightweight and crafted from nylon materials. This boosts the overall comfort while the Velcro faster that is adjustable ensures a secure fit. As if this is not enough, this cleverly designed dog vest also comes with a decorative paw print and a reflective material print.

Pros and Cons

  • Highly visible
  • Made from sturdy yet soft material
  • Machine washable
  • Not ideal for large dogs

6. ThinkPet No Pull Harness Breathable Sport Harness

Arnés deportivo transpirable ThinkPet sin tirones

Price: Reasonably priced

Construction materials: Premium nylon

Special features: 600 D high-density nylon material, 100% Nylon Straps, padded Sturdy Handle.

Best for: Perfect for small/medium dogs.

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Start reciprocating the unconditional love you get from your pooch by ensuring the best care. Interestingly, this begins by offering them the cheapest life insurance, ensuring that they are easily visible day and night. Whether you are looking to go for hunting trips, hiking, or training, this vest makes your Pooch easy to spot. Besides, this vest boasts of premium nylon, which comes with adjustable safety buckles and widened straps. It also comes with an extra thick yet breathable layer that ensures maximum ventilation and comfort. What’s more, with the no-pull harness with handle, you can always control your pet’s movement wherever you go.

Pros and Cons

  • No-pull design
  • Premium Material
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Not reflective

5. Fun Tone Colors Dog Safety Reflective Vest

Perro Chaleco reflectante

Price: Middle price range

Materials: Soft, durable 300D oxford

Special features: 360˚reflective coverage, durable clasp and one back strap, high-quality materials.

Best for: Ideal for hunting and night walks.

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Having been constructed using soft, durable 300 D oxford fabric, the Fun tone reflective dog’s brings a comfortable feeling for dogs with short hair. The sturdy materials withstand repeated use and never discolor. We all want to treat our pets like a member of our family. This reflective vest is not only highly visible but also protects your pooch from harsh weather. It is not only waterproof but also breathable to keep your pet fresh. Moreover, it features a fast on and off design, which makes it a great on the go accessory.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustable size
  • Easy cleaning
  • Simple on and off
  • Doesn’t cover your pet’s chest

4. Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket


Chaleco salvavidas Camo Pet Preserver

Price: Middle price range

Construction materials: Flexible nylon fabric

Special features: Cool camo print, adjustable design, reflective details.

Best for: Ideal for large Fido who love water activities and hunting.

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If your pooch loves hunting or swimming, then she needs a reliable pet vest. With this in mind, this model is crafted to bring your pet absolute comfort and safety. To begin, this model is crafted from soft yet tough polyester oxford, a nylon fabric middle layer, and a breathable mesh outer. This triple construction ensures breath ability, visibility, and the ability to withstand multiple uses. To ensure a secure fit, this model comes with adjustable taps and a buckle. Notably, this vest also comes with an inbuilt D ring that enables you to add a leash. Easy to grab, direct, and guide your dog.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustable straps
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Ideal for both hunting and water activities
  • Not very visible

3. CUGA VEST Serious Protection

CUGA VEST Protección seria para el perro activo

Price: Higher price

Materials: Soft, 100-denier Cordura material

Special features: Highly reflective materials, soft yet sturdy to withstand repeated use, double layered for enhanced durability.

Best for: Fits most sporting dogs.

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When hunting, it is imperative to be aware of your dog’s location. This will prevent accidentally hitting him when you confuse him for your prey. The CUGA VEST is a highly visible vest that ensures that your pet is easily visible. We love the lightweight design that is made from waterproof and durable polyester. It also features a blaze orange color and reflective strips, which ensures that he is visible from miles. Equally important, this vest comes with adjustable straps for a secure fit and a low profile release buckles. This makes it easy to put on and take off.

Pros and Cons

  • Machine washer safe
  • Offers great protection
  • Visible from a far distance
  • The size runs a bit small

2. 4Legs Friend Dog Safety Reflective Vest

4Legs Friend

Price: Fairly priced

Materials: Premium quality rip-resistant materials.

Special features: Ergonomic comfortable and adjustable, 100% weatherproof, ultra-high visible orange color.

Best for: Ideal for large-sized dogs.

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Keep your furry friend visible and safe with this innovative hunting vest for dogs. It boasts of an ergonomic, lightweight, and comfortable fabric that boosts his overall comfort. Plus, the soft-touch fabric is so comfy that he will not even notice that he is using it. The exceptional design, coupled with sturdy construction, also makes it an excellent choice for numerous outdoor activities. The highly visible blaze color with reflective prints also makes your pet easily visible from up to 500 feet day and night. Besides, this vet also comes with a comfortable Velcro closure straps that not only ensures a secure fit but also makes it easy to put on and take off.

Pros and Cons

  • Highly visible color
  • Comes with a safe and comfortable Velcro closure
  • Made from soft, waterproof materials
  • Limited color choices

1. SafetyPUP XD – Protect Your Best Friend


SafetyPUP XD

Price: Reasonably priced

Materials: 300D Oxford Weave fabric

Special features: Utility strap included, reinforced stitching, ergonomic and comfortable.

Best for: Ideal for large dogs weighing from 61lbs to 100lbs.

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Whether your pooch accompanies you to hunting trips, joins you for early morning runs, or you are looking to train, this reflective vest comes handy. The safetyPUP XD URBAN delivers superior day and night visibility. This prevents the risks of automotive accidents or hitting him mistakenly when hunting. The vest is crafted from high-quality 300D oxford fabrics with double stitching. This ensures maximum weather protection and durability. More importantly, this vest also includes a utility strap for a secure fit and a carabineer to carry lightweight accessories.

Pros and Cons

  • Premium quality construction
  • Comes in a bright color
  • Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit
  • The straps are not padded

Selecting The Best Dog Hunting Vest

Today we have many hunting vests for Dogs. These vests come in different features, such as materials, efficiency, and design. In this regard, you must consider some critical features before making your choice. Below are some of the factors to consider before making your choice.

Fit and Size

This doesn’t need overstating; it is always crucial to ensure that you select a vest that fits your pooch. Just like humans, your pet should feel comfortable when wearing any kind of clothing. As such, you should first measure your pet’s size and match the dimension to the sizing chart provided. Additionally, we recommend going for a vest with adjustable straps to ensure a custom fit.

Construction materials

Another crucial feature to consider is construction materials. Remember, these vests primarily used for hunting and other outdoor activity. Therefore, you should expect your pet to brush on twigs, rocks, and face different rugged environment. Consequently, it is crucial to ensure that the material is not only sturdy but also thick enough to protect your pet from potential injuries. For this reason, we recommend going for vests made from canvas, oxford fabric, thick neoprene, or nylon.

Design and color

Equally important, you should also consider the design and color depending on your needs. For example, if you want to conceal your pet from your prey, we recommend going for the camouflaged vest. However, if you would want to spot your pet easily, especially when hunting in low light conditions, we recommend going for a reflective vest.


The best hunting vest for dogs are the indispensable choice for any dog owner who loves taking their fur babies on hunting expeditions. These vests not only protect your pet from the rugged environment but also keep them safe from predators. Also important, this vest keeps your pet easily visible to other hunters. With our detailed guide, it is our hope that you can now make the informed decision and pick a model that suits your needs. Happy buying!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I make my dog use a hunting vest?
A. As with any other dog accessory, your pooch may act strange the first they put on a hunting vest. More often, they will scratch themselves or rollover when trying to get off. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to use it the first time you purchase it. To start, ensure that your pet is used to wearing the vest. You can do it by putting it on when at home. You can also offer them treats and play with them when wearing the vest. With time, your pet will get used to wearing the vest.
Q. How do I select a well-fitting hunting vest for my pooch?
A. Similar to selecting a dog coat, a hunting vest should fit your pet’s neck, back, and chest. Ensure that they have a snug fit so that your pet stays relaxed and comfortable. For you to select the right size, you simply need to measure your pet’s chest size, back length, and neck. After this, compare the measurements to the provided sizing chart.
Q. Which is the best material for dog vests?
A. Generally, these vests are crafted from neoprene, nylon, oxford fabric, or a combination. Nylon material excels when it comes to lightweight design and breath ability. Neoprene is excellent in terms of ensuring your pet is warm. On the other hand, oxford materials are soft, flexible, and durable.

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