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Top 10 Best Healthy Wet Dog Food Review [Best For 2019]


It’s not just a Dog, it’s your family. Your pets are of prime importance to you and it is very important to take good care of their nutrition. Like humans, dogs as well need healthy food for a longer life especially healthy wet dog food.

Why we need good dog food? Taking good care of the nutritional demands of your pet is necessary for its healthy development and growth. A healthy dog saves you from spending huge amounts on vets. A well-balanced diet consisting of all the nutrients like the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, fiber, and water keeps the pet’s immune system sound and strong. This prevents several diseases and infections which might even spread to you.

Pets require nutrition to maintain healthy habits, lifestyle and to have a good reproductive life. If you take care of the lactating mother by providing good nutrition, the puppy will automatically be healthier. The crucial thing is the lifespan. You would always your loved one to be with you forever and a good nutrition would ensure that your pet lives to his complete age.

When you set out in search of the right food, the plethora of options available will make the choice difficult. You need to decide the food that is actually the best, and not the one that says it’s the best.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Healthy Wet Dog Food

What makes a good meal for your pet? There are certain factors that you need to consider the right choice of meal. These include:

Nutritional requirement

You need to decide on a dog food based on the nutritional requirements of your pet. Nutrition is of supreme importance during adolescence, pregnancy, and lactation. The appropriate food would contain nutrition enough to deal with these conditions. You can go to a vet and get the nutritional requirements of your dog calculated, and then decide the meal.

Meat Source

You need to check for the specified meat source that should form the major ingredient of the food. You can find this at the top of the ingredient list. You can decide on whether you want to feed chicken, beef, duck or any other meat.

Sources of animal proteins and fats

These are highly processed substances and should be avoided as far as possible, although most dog food has them in some form or other. Make sure you choose a product with the least added substances, and even if they are present, it should be clearly mentioned on the label.

The quantity

You need to choose a product that gives a quantity sufficient enough. Buying something of less quantity for more prices won’t suit you in most cases. Don’t just go with brands. Choose according to quality.

Shelf Life

It is very important to check the shelf-life before you purchase it to avoid unnecessary wastage of food if it doesn’t get over in stipulated time. Also, you need to check for the Expiry Date and the AAFCO label.

Apart from these important things, it is very important that your dog likes the taste of the food. There is no point in buying something your dog will not eat. Choose the flavor and form your dog likes. It is advisable to try a sample before you actually buy food for the month. Healthy might not always be tasty! You also need to buy find the things you will add to the dog food to make it nutritious and tasty.

Many find it convenient to feed dry dog food as it is cost effective. But dry food is less nutritious and is not healthy for your dog. Wet food is a much better choice.

Let us look at the top 10 best brands of healthy wet dog food you can choose from:

10. Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein: 

Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein.

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This grain-free wet dog food mainly consists of raw pieces of cage-free chicken that fulfill the high protein demands. It also contains Turkey and together with chicken forms 95% ingredients.

This product can be a good choice for your growing dogs and provides them with lean and strong muscles. They will suit well for large breeds as well.

9. Merrick Lil’s Plates Small Breed Grain Free Healthy Wet Dog Food

Lil’s Plates Small Breed Grain Free Mini Medley Pack Healthy Wet Dog Food

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This is a pack of 3 different formulas which are Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew, Petite Pot Pie, and Tiny Thanks Giving Day. These formulas consist of deboned beef, chicken, and turkey respectively which form the major ingredient of the formulas. It is easy to digest as it is gluten-free and takes care of your pet’s intestines.

This product is a treat for your dog to keep him healthy. It is ideal for the small breed dogs and comes in packaging of small quantities that is convenient to serve.

8. Purina ALPO Wet Dog Food Variety Pack: 

Purina ALPO Prime Cuts Gravy Cravers Beef Wet Dog Food

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This Wet Dog Food is formulated absolutely to give your pet the taste he craves along with nutrition. It consists of a pack of 12 healthy gravy foods which have chicken or beef as the main ingredient. Along with proteins, they are rich in 23 essential Vitamins and Minerals to provide your dog with a balanced diet.

This meal would make your dog crave for more and the meal would be gone in seconds. It is nice substitutes to feed on Sundays for enhancing your pet’s taste buds.

7. Nutro Cuts in Gravy Simmered Beef and Potato Stew: 

Nutro Cuts in Gravy Simmered Beef and Potato Stew.

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This beef flavored wet food is delicious and healthy with trays formulated for small dog breeds. It nourishes the skin and keeps the coat soft and shiny. The food is soft on your dog’s mouth and the gravy will make your dog go crazy. Your Pet will love you for the food.

It is not gluten-free and hence you need to be careful while feeding puppies.

6. Hill’s Science Diet-Sensitive Stomach and Skin wet dog food

Hill’s Science Diet-Sensitive Stoamach and Skin wet dog food

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This is an amazing pack of wholesome nutrition for your dog. The recipe is designed on Veterinary prescription according to your Dog needs. This is specially designed to prevent any bowel upset, loose stools and dermatological problems. It enhances the skin and coat health and keeps your dog happy. It consists of omega-6-fatty acids, Vitamins, and minerals and is completely free of added preservatives, coloring and flavoring agents. It is mainly salmon based with freshly cut carrots, beans, and apples. It is a must if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is sick.

5. Variety Homestyle Recipes

Variety Homestyle Recipes.

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This mouth-watering recipe consisting of slowly cooked delicious lamb and wholesome brown rice is perfect for Sundays. The dog won’t stop licking the bowl. This recipe is AAFCO certified and consists of only Natural ingredients with no added preservatives and flavors. It is free of wheat and gluten and hence is not harsh on your pet’s tum. With the main ingredient as Lamb, it is highly nutritious and full of proteins for healthy growth of your pet aided with amazing taste.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food for Weight Management: 

Hill’s Science Diet wet Dog Food for Weight Management.

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This is another masterpiece by Hill’s Science Diet. This is specially prepared by World’s No. 1 vets to obtain an ideal healthy weight for your adult dog. The meal consists of fresh vegetables like carrots, peas etc. along with chicken stew.

It is specifically designed for your overweight pets that are lazy. It helps them lose weight fast and make them active quickly. It consists of the right portion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, several Vitamins and Minerals that give your pet a perfect balance of nutrition and taste.

3. Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy

Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy

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Pedigree secures the 3rd place in the list. This Choice Cuts Filet Mignon Flavour steals your dog’s heart. This soft meat-based gravy if eaten once will leave your dog waiting for you next time, wagging his tail. The savory dish is amazing for serving in between for change of taste, because dogs, like humans, feel the monotony. This can also be served as a topper with other dishes. It comes in 16 easy to serve pouches that are very convenient. It nourishes your dog and helps its skin and coat remain healthy.

2. Cesar Gourmet Healthy Wet Dog Food

Cesar Gourmet Healthy Wet Dog Food

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This variety dog food comes in 36 trays of different flavors. The trays are fit for small and large dogs and take care of their appetite and sophisticated taste buds. It is ideally designed for steak lovers with filet mignon, porterhouse steak, prime rib, grilled steak, and grilled New York stripped steak. It is Gourmet full of nutrition from meats of chicken, beef, lamb and turkey and freshly cut vegetables along with Vitamins and Minerals.

The addition of essential fats and oils makes it ideal for your pooch’s health. The flavors are loved by your loved one and with the variety, you can try different servings on different days.

1. Cesar Classic Wet Dog Food:

Cesar Gourmet Healthy Wet Dog Food

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Another product by Cesar in our top list of best healthy wet dog food. This variety pack consists of 36 easy to open no fuss trays. It is ideal for any breed. It is high in proteins with and is amazing in taste. No doubt being the best seller leaves your dog licking the bowl and loving you.

After taking a glance at these products available for your pet, you can easily choose what is best for your dog. All these products are easily available on Amazon with exciting offers. Although most products appear similar, some have added preservatives that might be harmful to your dog. Avoid such products and give your dog a healthy life.

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