Top 10 Best Indoor Dog Houses in 2021 Reviews


Dogs are our trusty friends and reliable companions. In our household, they are an equal member of the family. And, since they rely on us for shelter, food, and guidance, it is crucial to ensure that they stay safe, healthy, and happy. Just like other family members, your pooch also loves having their own spaces. This is where the best indoor dog houses come in. These houses provide your pooch the privacy they need and a comfortable place they can take a nap.

Selecting the best indoor dog house for your fur baby isn’t hard, especially when you know what your pet needs. Also, since there are plenty of models to choose from, you can easily find a model that suits your needs. However, if you are confused about the best indoor dog house for your pet, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the top 10 best selling models to help you narrow down your choice.

Best Indoor Dog Houses In 2021

10. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Price: Reasonably priced

Brand: Casual Home

Special features: Solid wood construction, chew-resistant materials, includes a lockable gate.

Best for: Ideal for cats and smaller dog breeds

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The Casual Home doghouse brings your pet a secure and comfortable place for your pet to sleep and relax. Unlike other models on the market, this model boasts of a unique design, which includes a lockable gate. Its vibrant color also makes it a perfect choice to use in your home. Additionally, this model is made from solid wood to ensure sturdiness and long-term service. The house also features a stylish top that provides you with more storage space for your pet toys and other supplies. Moreover, we love the easy to clean design, which requires only a damp cloth.

Pros and Cons

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • It is made from sustainably sourced wood
  • It has a modern, stylish design
  • While it is available in three sizes, this model is suitable for smaller pets

9. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House

Price: Reasonably priced

Brand: Petsfit

Special features: Made from kiln-dried cedarwood, removable bottom panels allow for easy cleaning, incredibly easy to assemble.

Best for: Best suited for cats, puppies, and other small dog breeds

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If you have a smaller sized dog or a cat that loves burrowing, then this versatile house makes a great choice. First, this model comes with easy to climb stairs, which gives your furry friend a decent view. Besides providing a scenic view, the top offers your pet a great place to relax and stretch. This house is made of high-quality cider that is kiln dried and treated with water-based paint. It also comes with an easy to assemble design thanks to the predrilled hole and a latching door that ensures that your pet doesn’t escape. Additionally, this model comes with a removable bottom panels that allow for easy cleaning.

Pros and Cons

  • Decent design that adds a splash of color and sophistication
  • Includes a handy ladder that allows for easy access
  • It has a big entrance that helps your pet to run inside and out
  • Some wish that it could have included pillows

8. Portable Indoor Pet House

Portable Indoor Pet House

Price: Very affordable

Brand: Best Pet Supplies, Inc

Special features: Smooth denier or fleece interior, a cuddle pillow included, made from lightweight yet durable Polyfoam and Polyfill.

Best for: Ideal for smaller pets both cats and dogs

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From tiny puppies to old Cats, this portable house provides your lovely pet a comfortable place to relax. This model comes with a comfortable bed that is designed to last. Its enclosed design also provides your pet with the privacy they need, at the same time providing them with plenty of room to stretch. Similarly, this model comes in a cute design and attractive color schemes to match your needs. It is also made from highly durable and lightweight materials. Besides, this model has a simple assembly and assembles, making it easy to carry wherever your adventures take you.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable and warm
  • Eye-catching and non-collapsible design
  • It has a non-skid base
  • It is not ideal for large-sized dogs

7. SKL Cat Dog Bed House Portable Indoor Pet

SKL Cat Dog Bed House Portable Indoor Pet

Price: Affordable price tag

Brand: SKL

Special features: Linen faux suede or corduroy interior, strong and sturdy, foldable for easy storage.

Best for:Ideal for small and medium pets that are under 5KGs

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Having been designed with faux suede, corduroy, or linen, the SKL doghouse makes one of the most comfortable models on the market. This house is filled with soft poly-foam lining to boost your pet’s overall comfort. It may look small, yes, but your pet gets enough space to relax and take naps. At the same time, this house provides your pet with a touch of privacy and security sense. The house is also durable and sturdy, ensuring a reliable service for years. Equally important, the enclosed design with a bed mat also makes it an excellent choice for pets that love burrowing.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to maintain
  • Cute, modern design
  • The enclosed design makes it ideal for pets that love burrowing
  • Requires hand washing

6. Indoor Outdoor Dog House

Indoor Outdoor Dog House

Price: Fairly priced

Brand: Always quality

Special features: Smooth surfaces ensure easy cleaning, has a sturdy, Raised Floor, easy to Assemble.

Best for: Perfect for cats, puppies, and small dog breeds

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If you are looking for a best indoor dog houses that makes your pet feel at home, look no further. This decently designed doghouse is not only designed to last, but it is also easy on your wallet. We love the barn-shaped design, which makes it a solid choice for people looking to keep their fur babies well sheltered and comfortable. Another great feature we love is the quick assembly, which only requires a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time. This model also comes with smooth surfaces that make it easy to clean. What’s more, th