Top 9 Best Large Automatic Dog Feeders in 2021 Reviews


Keeping your pets well fed when you’re away from home is key to your peace of mind and their health. In this task, the modern automatic feeders will be your best ally, since they allow you to choose the time, frequency, and amount of each shot, including sound warnings which you can warn your animal that it is time to eat.

Leaving our pet alone for a few days is not what we like best, but sometimes it is necessary. To take care of your pet, we have selected and analyzed the top 9 best automatic feeders you can consider to buy one.

Best Large Automatic Dog Feeders In 2021

9. Sailnovo Automatic FeederSailnovo Large Automatic Feeder

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Sailnovo Automatic Feeder is the perfect solution if you want to regulate your pet’s meal schedule or feed it without worries when you are absent from home for long periods. It is a programmable electronic automatic feeder of the highest quality, with which your animal can feed properly.

This wonderful accessory that works with 4 batteries of 6V consists of a digital timer that serves to program 4 meals of up to 200 g each, 800 g in total, that is, enough food for 2 days for a small breed dog or for a cat. The timer ensures the automatic opening of the compartment at the scheduled time, so that not only regulate meal times but also the amount your pet eats. It is also ideal for diabetic animals, who have to receive their food at a specific time to reconcile it is their treatment.

8. amzdeal Automatic Feederamzdeal Automatic Feeders

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This automatic feeder is ideal for when you leave your dog alone at home or for dogs that diet or gastric health need to eat several portions during the day at certain times. Each time the tray rotates, that is to say every time it is time to eat, the feeder emits a sound that will warn your dog that it already has croquettes available.

Whether you want your dog to eat 5 times a day or 1 time a day for 5 days, this feeder is perfect since you can determine the time in which each of the 5 food slots open to feed your pet. This pet feeder works only for dry foods and that have an estimated size between 0.5 and 1.5 cm. In other words, you can not mix other snacks or moist foods in your tank, as it could jam the rotating blades and prevent the food from being supplied.

7. JOYTOOL Automatic FeederJOYTOOL Large Automatic Feeders

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With the JOYTOOL Automatic Feeder you only need to fill your tank to its maximum capacity and forget to be feeding your cat or dog every moment. This fully automated feeder saves you time and offers you peace of mind whenever you have to leave home.

It works with electricity and also with alkaline batteries, so it will not be a problem if the power supply fails. It is equipped with an engine that offers a power that automatically turns the blades located in the bottom of the tank up to 8 rpm, which provides food to the animal according to the pre-set configuration.

This model integrates a blue illuminated screen, which favors the configuration and also includes voice recording for your pet to identify your call to eat on time. In addition, it is a product that can give you a useful life of up to 2000 hours.

6. Arf Pets Automatic Pet FeederArf Pets Large Automatic Pet Feeder

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The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder offers complete control over your pet’s diet, both in the schedules and in the amount of food to be dispensed. This model offers you the possibility of having up to three meals per day, including the possibility of adjusting the amount to be dispensed up to 10 different levels depending on the time of day or whatever you prefer.

All this process is done through its LCD screen and its control system, very easy to configure and to be able to establish the specific feeding needs of your pet.

The product has a tank with a capacity of 5.5 liters of dry food of any kind, which is dispensed directly on the feeding area, which is accompanied by an alarm to warn your pet that the food is served.

5. PETKIT Smart Automatic Dog FeederPETKIT Smart Automatic Dog Feeder


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PETKIT is an automatic dog feeder with a modern and simple design that has 4 food compartments of 500g. Built with high quality materials and with anti tamper safe. It is ideal for small and medium dogs.

The PETKIT works differently from the other devices mentioned above. It has a rotating mechanism that revolves around the programming made so that the dog will eat the portion of food that has previously been thrown into the food compartment. Although it is not as sophisticated as the previous ones, it is still one of the best on the market in terms of quality and price.

4. SereneLife Automatic Pet FeederSereneLife Automatic Large Dog Feeders

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The SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder offers you a high quality system so that your dogs or cats can maintain their diet in an appropriate way. For this, the product has a capacity of approximately 4.5 liters of capacity to place both dry food and other snacks and food items.

This model can be configured to dispense up to 10 portions of food a day, of approximately 24 milliliters so that the product allows a remarkable autonomy. To keep you and your animals informed the product has different alerts and so that the power outages do not affect the product this can work connect to the network or directly with batteries. For all this functionality the product is considered the best automatic feeder by the owners and their pets.

3. Homdox Automatic Pet FeederHomdox Automatic Dog Feeder

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For your pet to maintain the balanced diet that you give each day, the Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder has as a major novelty that of having up to six different trays where you can place wet or dry food of different varieties.

This product allows you to establish up to 4 hours of food per day, in each of these trays of 330 milliliters of capacity that rotate and rotate to be able to feed properly. The product also incorporates an alarm system and a voice recorder so you can call your pet at lunchtime.

All this in a complete, compact and simple product that is considered the best automatic feeder by price quality ratio at the moment.

2. WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder

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The WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder is designed especially for dogs and large animals, as it has a tank with capacity for 5.5 liters of dry feed of any kind with which to offer your pet up to four times a day at previously set times.

The product allows you to set different warnings, as well as record 10 seconds of audio so you can warn your pet when it is time to eat.

And having no electrical connection and working with conventional batteries, you can place the product anywhere without having to look for a nearby outlet, always keeping the configuration memory of the product so that these are not erased during the change.

1. PetSafe Large Automatic Dog FeederPetSafe Large Automatic Pet Feeder

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For your pet to maintain the balanced diet that you give each day, the PetSafe Automatic pet Feeder has as a major novelty that of having up to six different trays where you can place wet or dry food of different varieties.

This product allows you to establish up to 4 hours of food per day, in each of these trays of 330 milliliters of capacity that rotate and rotate to be able to feed properly. The product also incorporates an alarm system and a voice recorder so you can call your pet at lunchtime.

It is a feeder that works automatically, you just have to program it and the device can dispense up to 10 servings of food and 4 meals during the day, each serving is approximately 24 ml; enough to manage a balanced diet in favor of the health of your pet.

You can go quietly to study, to work or weekend, as your animal will not go hungry. In your configuration you can choose up to 4 alarms per day for the distribution of food, you just have to select the size of each food ration according to the needs of your pet.

Choosing The Best Automatic Dog Feeder

Whether we have to do it for a vacation or for an unforeseen trip, or simply to take care of the guardian of our second home, leaving our pets alone is something that costs us work. But the truth is that thanks to automatic feeders we can at least take care of their diet properly without having to constantly travel to wherever they are to feed them. These devices have evolved considerably so that they can even offer a complete diet for several days as long as we choose the right product. That’s why we present you with the advice of our guide for buying the best automatic feeder, in which you will know what parameters and elements you should take into account so that your pet feels much better when it comes to being able to eat when you’re not there.

Below are the factors to consider when choosing automatic dog feeders:

Dispensing System

One of the most important elements of these products is the food dispensing system. We’re not so much talking about the mechanical system that takes the food from the tank to the area, but about the way it’s done. Aspect must be fundamental in any comparison of automatic feeders that makes because it is precisely that which will allow you to adjust the number of rations and their amount depending on the size and weight of your pet.

The best models are those that allow you to set different levels of ration, in terms of weight the amount of it, depending on each of the shots you can program. The normal thing is that you can program up to 4 different takes with up to 10 different levels of food, being these models the ones that more versatility allow you at the time of programming the diet of your pet. However, since there is a noticeable difference in how much this advanced product costs, keep in mind what the real feeding needs of your pet are going to be, since it is possible that you do not have to go to such a complex product and you can opt for a simpler and cheaper product.

Control System

The control system of any automatic feeder must have two main functions. Firstly, it must be easy to configure so that you do not have to take an advanced computer course in order to be able to programme rations properly, because of the additional risk of errors that this entails and the serious consequences that this can have.

In addition, this feeding system, as a second element to consider, must allow to verify that exactly the programming has been carried out correctly, for which its screen must have the size and the necessary elements that allow us to carry out this verification in a visual way without having to wait for the product to be put into operation. Obviously the more complex the ration system that offers the more complex product is going to be the control system so if you can finally opt for a simpler model this function will also be much easier to control.

Product Feeding

When we talk about feeding the product we are going to refer to two separate elements: on the one hand we are going to talk about feeding with regard to the origin of the food it pours and on the other hand we are going to talk about its electrical power supply. In the aspect of the load of the feed, the normal thing is that we have a transparent deposit that allows to verify visually its state of filling and on which the product is going to be spilled according to the instructions that we have given in function of the size of our mascot and of the programmed actions, as well as of the time that we are going to be out of house we must bet for models of more or less big deposits.

As a reference, it is normal that these tanks have a capacity of 3 to 5.5 liters so that we can adapt it according to the specific feeding needs of the pet. In the aspect of the electrical feeding this one can be by means of conventional batteries or directly to the network.

In those places where we do not have near an electrical connection to be able to work obviously we will have to choose the models of batteries, although also it is advisable to evaluate the mixed models, that can work by means of batteries and connection to the network, since in case of cut of electricity the batteries allow to maintain the programming and avoid to have problems of loss of the configuration that could affect to the normal feeding of your pet.


Shared above are some of the best large automatic dog feeders that you can always count on to feed your fur buddy while you away in a period of time. Select one that suits you best!


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