Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl in 2021 Reviews


If you already own a dog, you probably already know that they need two dog bowls which they will be eating and drinking from them every day. Purchasing a pet dish can be an important step in owning a dog. In today’s market, you will be able to find a perfect bowl, normal or slow feeder bowl that will fit your dogs’ eating habits as well as your home decorating styles.

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls In 2021


Outward Hound slow feeder dog bowl

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The Outward bowl is quite a revolutionary commodity that keeps our pups healthy as well as keeping them engaged in eating for long periods thus improving their digestion. Dogs have a tendency of playing around with meals. Eating has always been a race for them. This bowl keeps them busy for some period of time with meal-lengthening ridges found on them. Many dog owners around the world are happy about the effectiveness of this bowl and many industry professionals have highly approved this product.

Pros and Cons

  • It always keeps man’s best friend entertained since a game is born during feeding time.
  • These bowls also have base covered with rubber minimizes its movement on the floor when the dog feeds making it efficient feeders as dogs usually like playing around with their meals.
  • They also help prevent bloat as well as canine obesity as the dogs take time in eating hence improving their digestion.
  • Another great thing about these bowls is that they can be washed easily to maintain proper hygiene of the canines.
  • The Outward bowl is developed using a top-quality plastic that is safe to use with the dog’s food.
  • These bowls are available in five colors, depending on your preferences.
  • Since the dogs are always playing with their food when eating, the bowls are usually prone to be chewed and damaged.
  • Another disadvantage is that dogs may be hesitant to eat from the bowl in the beginning since they may not be familiar with it.
  • Some of the dogs may also be clever enough to flip over the bowl and eat their meal faster and may tend to remember this act regularly.



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It is made up of a unique design and thus reducing bloating risks. It usually comes in four different sizes and colors. It can be found in the market at an affordable price than other dog bowls but it is still an effective option. They are made to be used for both wet and dry foods. This can be option individuals that are after changing the general behaviors of their pets.

Pros and Cons

  • This type of bowl trains your dog to eat at a reduced speed. This will thereby help reduce excessive intake of air and therefore bringing an improvement in digestion and reduce bloating risks.
  • They come in different sizes and can be orient any dog size
  • It helps bring about proper digestion
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It doesn’t fit dogs with small muzzles



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Pedy pet dog bowl can save your pet from eating too much too fast. These slow feeders contain interactive puzzle in some kind of a flower pattern that turns every meal time of your pet into a challenging game while still slowing down rapid eating. These bowls are easy to clean, and you’ll be surprised by how your dog will chew food accurately and appropriately. They also have a good warranty service upon purchase to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Pros and Cons

  • These bowls provide a warranty of up to 180 days to customers since the manufacturing company has a high level of confidence in the quality of their product.
  • The bowls come in different amazing colors to choose from. They are also non-skid to enhance hygiene in your home floors.
  • The bowl is eco-friendly, meaning that they are safe for your pets as they are usually free from PVC and phthalate materials that may cause food poisoning when the dog’s food comes in contact with the bowl.
  • They are good for a healthy diet of your pets as they limit the speed at which your pets eat their meal to avert complications like bloating.
  • Pets may chip their teeth from biting around the barriers when feeding. The scratches may harbor bacteria which may, in turn, become harmful to your pets. They, therefore, need to be regularly cleaned.


THE HDP JW SKID Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

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To those who have seen it, they can attest that these bowls are designed with a lovely interior appearance which helps prevent pets from consuming too much. The heavy duty plastic making up these bowls are specially designed to slow the rapid eating rate of our pets.

Pros and Cons

  • HDP JW Skid bowls are usually large enough to hold a maximum capacity of 3 Cups. This will reduce the workload of having to continually add food into the bowl until the dog has had enough making it an efficient feeder.
  • These bowls are rust and bacteria resistant making them really good in maintaining hygiene and proper health of your pets. They are also hygienic since they are washable in a dishwasher, making it easy to maintain proper sanitation.
  • The bases of these feeders are covered with rubber which enables it to stay unmoved and prevents it from sliding on the floor. This will prevent the bowl from turning over and spilling the food when the dog feeds.
  • HDP JW Skid bowls usually come in three different sizes. Moreover, you might as well find many other various designs of the same make.
  • These bowls promote healthy feeding as their interiors are composed of large indentations that regulate your dog’s eating rate from eating very quickly.
  • The HDP JW Skid bowls are not the best choice for smart dogs. This is simply because the bowls are not completely sturdy and could be flipped by some clever dogs. This could totally diminish the main purpose of the bowl into a big food mess on the floor.



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This dog bowl is known to be totally hygienic. It is usually made of durable, stainless and heavyweight steel. It was made for the purpose of saving pets from discomforts like for instance gastrointestinal. Manufactures of these bowls took care of different sizes of pets and breeds. They are usually available in three sizes, small bowl, medium bowl, and large bowl. They can be used to feed pets and also provide water for them.

Pros and Cons

  • These bowls have rubber rings on the bottom of the bowls which are permanently bonded to provide a good grip on the ground and which is effective in preventing it from skidding. They are definitely good for enthusiastic eaters and can stand up to even the big boys. The rubber rings are also effective in reducing the noise when the dogs feed.
  • It is made up of stainless steel of high quality which is also scratch-resistant and crack-proof
  • These bowls also come in very good designs to choose from. The no-tip shape of these bowls is efficient in preventing the dogs from spilling the contents in the bowl.
  • The bowl comes in three different sizes; the small bowl can hold a maximum of two cups of dog food. The medium bowl holds up to three cups of dry foodstuff while the large bowls can a maximum of up to three and a half cups of the pets’ food.
  • These bowls are easily washable.
  • It is sometimes too small for the bigger breeds


KYJEN Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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This is the best option for the pets that usually eats everything. It is made from a safe plastic making it easy develop a habit of healthy eating. It is a funny dish as it looks like a game where the dog requires looking for food. You can also use it for bulldogs.

Pros and Cons

  • This dog bowl comes in 3 different sizes
  • It is friendly
  • Made to allow controlling of food amounts
  • Made of 3 unique colors and designs
  • This bowl can be easily turned over by big and smart pets.


Mr Peanut Interactive Slow feeder dog bowls

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It is an option to consider for dogs that like to overeat. It is designed with a ring of silicon to protect it from falling on earth surface.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Best choice for challenging foods
  • Has a blue non-slip ring
  • The bowl can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher
  • The bowl can be very easy for smart dogs.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Buying Guide

Every person will argue that it is definitely a good thing to have a lot of choices when out there to purchase any item. Some people have always been thinking that all dog bowls are similar but that is not true as we have seen. Different bowls have a different set of features that make them unique from others. There exist many different dog bowls out there in the market making it difficult for the dog owner to determine the right one for their dog.

There are so many factors to be considered by the dog owner so that to buy the right one. Some of the factors are like for instance the cost of the bowl, design style, how easy the bowl is to be cleaned, and durability. Having the right bowl for your dog is important as it is part of his general health. The dog will be drinking and eating from this same bowl each and every day, so it is good to have the right dish type for your dog.

Choose the right size, color, and shape

These dog bowls normally come of different colors, sizes, and shapes. It is you as the dog owner to choose the one that will best fit your dog. There are dogs of different ages with different muzzle sizes. So be careful when out there buying one. If you will be searching for designer bowls that are capable of expressing your style, then considering the ceramic dog bowl can be an option for you.

One meal feeder or Automatic.

For those whose schedules are tight leaving their dogs alone all day long, they should consider getting an automatic bowl for their dogs. But if you are capable to feed the dog with all meals then considering a one meal bowl will be the best choice for you.


The material from which the bowl you intend to buy is made from should be among the basic considerations you need to have in mind. You should absolutely avoid the bowls made of plastic material. The plastic type is known to be sturdy but then they tend to be trapping more bacteria compared to bowls made of materials like for instance stainless steel. The bacteria trapped can as a result cause even some skin diseases to your dog around the chin area.

Vets normally recommend dog owners to buy dog bowls that are made from ceramics and stainless steel materials. These materials are actually easily washable as you will be just throwing them in the dishwasher. These materials are also known to be durable.

Whichever the kind of dog bowl you will buy for your dog, bear in mind that they need to be regularly washed to prevent bacteria and germs to form in them to make your dog sick. It is simple; all it takes is just water, soap and your effort to clean the dog bowl.


It will be such a great thing if your children will be keeping a check around the dog bowls. You should ever ensure that the bowls are cleaned on a regular basis since they can not only affect your dog but also your kids may contract germs from the bowls when they pass around them. Make the right choice for you today.


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