Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent Devices in 2021 Reviews


Dogs are the most reliable companions and royal friends for us. They always reciprocate the love to their master and will always be there when you need them. However, sometimes the dog may not listen to you, even if you mean well. Although barking is the natural communicative system of our dogs, constant barking becomes irritating and sometimes unbearable. Well, although the traditional shock collar or spray collar may work, they are not the safest/rational way to correct the bad behavior. Thankfully, the best Ultrasonic dog bark deterrent devices are safe and more reliable alternatives.

Unlike the collars, these devices emit a high-frequency ultrasound that silences your pet. Surprisingly, this sound is inaudible for humans, so you will never have to worry about any disturbance. As it is our norm, we have reviewed the top-selling ultrasonic anti dog barking devices in a bid to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent Devices In 2021

10. Yao Yeow Anti-Barking Device

Yao yeow Anti-Barking Device

Price: very affordable

Special features: Weatherproof construction, adjustable volume levels, range up to 50 feet.

Best for: great for small, medium, and large dog breeds except for deaf or hearing-impaired dogs

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Sure, the excessive barking of your dog or neighbor’s dog is bothersome. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore when you purchase this ultrasonic dog bark deterrent. Unlike using ineffective bark collars, this gadget works perfectly for small to large dog breeds. It utilizes the safe ultrasonic technology, which is inaudible to humans but effective to stop dog barking. The device features a sensitive microphone that senses dog bark from as far as 50ft and activates automatically. Even better, this unit is waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use. What’s more, with the four changeable ultrasonic levels of volumes, this gadget is easily customizable to ensure a serene environment for your family.

Pros and Cons

  • A safe and professional dog bark deterrent
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Ideal for most dogs except those with hearing problems
  • Hanging rope not included

9. Inoosky Anti Barking Ultrasonic Gadget

Inoosky Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent Gadget

Price: very affordable

Special features: Simply turn the switch and use, multipurpose, can also be used as a torch, 100% Safe to humans & Harmless to dog.

Best for: Ideal for training all dog breeds and keeping unfriendly dogs away

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Boasting of a travel-friendly design, this innovative device will emit an ultrasonic sound that captures your dog attention and stop him from barking. By simply pressing a button, this handheld gadget produces an unpleasant high-pitched sound that is inaudible for humans. This makes it ideal for training him to stop bad behavior, such as scratching furniture, digging, or chewing. What makes this unit exceptional is that it is completely safe for the pet. More importantly, since it is portable, you can carry it along when going for jogs and protect yourself from aggressive dogs.

Pros and Cons

  • Very easy to use
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Can also be used to stop other undesirable dog habits
  • Batteries sold separately

8. Quenta Handheld Dog Repellent

Quenta Handheld Ultrasonic Anti Dog Barking Device

Price: Best in terms of affordability

Special features: Handheld design for enhanced portability, works as a good behavior dog training, safe and effective dog repellent.

Best for: Thanks for the improved portability, this handy dog repellent stops dog barking and keep unfriendly dogs away

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If you are looking for an effective and easy way to stop your dog or your neighbor’s dogs from ruining your sleep, then this model might be your best bet. Besides bark control, this device is travel-friendly. This enables you to keep unfriendly dogs at bay when you are jogging, running, or cycling. Since it utilizes ultrasounds that irritate your dog, is a safer alternative to dog collars that use shocks to correct the dog behavior. Moreover, the extended power duration also ensures that its performance is never compromised whatsoever.

Pros and Cons

  • Travel-friendly design
  • Works effectively on most dogs
  • Safe, humane way to keep unfriendly dogs away
  • Batteries not included

7. PetUlove Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

PetUlove Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

Price: Low price tag

Special features: Safe to use, 3 in 1 functionality, large effective range, 3 ultrasonic sensors, portable, LED flashlight.

Best for: Training the dog to stop bad behavior like barking, eating dirty things, fighting, and digging

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but some may end up portraying bad behavior such as barking, digging, fighting, and eating dirty things. Such behaviors will make it difficult for you to have a good time when the dog is around because of the constant barking. Your dog could also get injured as a result of eating dirty things and getting into unnecessary fights. The solution to all these problems is the PetUlove Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent devices that ultrasonic sensors to give signals to the dog and aid in training.

With this device, you will not have to use harmful items for dog control, and this will help guarantee the health and well-being of your dog. The bark deterrent feature neutralizes the disturbing barking of the dog, and this will allow you to proceed with your activities in peace. The device is portable to make it easy for you to take it with for your outdoor adventures. It comes with an LED flashlight that will help you see things clearly in the dark. The unit uses rechargeable batteries for power, and this will ensure you are able to use the devices for a long time. Other than deterring the dog barking sound, this device can be used to expel other animals such as cats, wolves, and snakes within 20 feet of you.

Pros and Cons

  • Helps in training the dog to stop harmful behaviors
  • It is tiny in size and portable to make transportation easy
  • Has a LED flashlight to illuminate the way on dark nights
  • Can be harmful when it is used with dogs below 6 months old

6. Anti Barking Control Device

Anti Barking Control Device

Price: Affordable

Special features: safe for humans and dogs, cute mini design, mounting units, sensitive microphone.

Best for: Silencing dog barks in outdoor settings. It has mounting units that can be used to hang the device on a tree, wall, or fence post

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Loud dog barks can ruin your mood when you are having a good time outdoors. You will find it difficult to enjoy a good book or have a conversation with a friend because of the loud barks. If you are facing this problem, then the Anti Barking Control Device is what you need to silence the dog barks when you are relaxing outdoors. This unit is safe for humans and dogs, and as such, you will not have to worry about harming yourself and the pets when you use if frequently. It uses ultrasonic sensors to stop excessive barking close to you.

The device has a waterproof design, and this way, it will not get damaged when it gets rained on. It has a super cute design that makes it a sight to behold. The device is easy to mount on a wall or fence post, thanks to its design. The microphone installed on the device is very sensitive to ensure it picks up even the slightest of dog barks from up to 50 feet away. The anti-barking device can be used indoors as well, but you will have to select a lower level for indoor use.

Pros and Cons

  • Has a sensitive microphone that picks dog barks from a far distance
  • It is easy to hang the device on a wall or fence post thanks to its impressive design
  • Safe to pets and humans
  • It does not work with dogs with a hearing impairment

5. BIG DEAL Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

BIG DEAL Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

Price: Fairly priced

Special features: Dog training tool, effective bark deterrent, safe for humans, convenient to carry, easy to use, suitable for all dog sizes.

Best for: Effective solution for controlling unwanted barking and correcting bad behavior.

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Some dogs need proper training to help them stop bad behaviors like eating bad food, digging, and fighting. Some dogs also bark uncontrollably, and this can become a huge problem if you are looking to have a great time and relax in silence. If your dog portrays any of these problems, then it is time to get the BIG DEAL Ultrasonic Bark Control Device that uses ultrasonic sensors to control unwanted behaviors in dogs. The device is safe, unlike other units out there in the market, and this will ensure your dog is healthy all the time.

The device has an effective control range as it is able to detect the dog’s bark from 20 feet away. The sound produced by the device is not audible to humans, but it can easily grab your dog’s attention to help control unwanted behavior. The device is light in weight and thus easy to carry around everywhere. It can be used both indoors and outdoors to ensure you are protected from the loud dog barks. Using this device is very easy as all you have to do is push a button to emit an ultrasonic sound. The devices can be used with dogs of all sizes from 6 months to 8 years, and this makes it one of the best ultrasonic dog bark deterrent devices. Get one today to control your dog’s bad behavior.

Pros and Cons

  • Convenient to carry around thanks to its lightweight design
  • Effective control range for picking dog barks
  • Safe treatment for dog training
  • Some users complain of receiving defective items. This should be avoided to improve customer experience

4. YC° Outdoor Bark Control Device

YC° Outdoor Bark Control Device

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Sensitive microphone, safe for people and dogs, easy to mount, easy to use, harmless, bad behavior improvement.

Best for: Silencing the loud barks of neighborhood dogs.

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Neighborhood dogs can be noisy, and this will make it difficult for you to enjoy some quiet and tranquility in your own home. The solution to this problem is to get a dog bark deterrent device, and the YC° Outdoor Bark Control Device is one of the best ultrasonic dog bark deterrent devices in the market. It has very sensitive microphones that are able to pick the barks of neighborhood dogs from up to 50 feet away and silence them effectively. Once it picks up the dog’s bark, it blasts high-pitched sounds that get the dog to keep quiet. It then automatically stops transmit the sounds when the dog stop barking.

The device has been designed to use 9V batteries that provide enough power for long term use. It has a durable design that allows it to be used outdoors to control the loud barking of dogs. This ultrasonic device is safe for use for both humans and animals, and this makes it a harmless device for dog control. It can be hanged on a surface using a rope to ensure it is strategically positioned to pick dog barks. Its automatic mode of operation makes it easy to use for behavior control among dogs. It is suitable for all dog sizes from 6 months to 8 years.

Pros and Cons

  • Can be hanged on a surface easily using a rope
  • It has highly sensitive microphones that pick dog barks from a distance
  • Made of tough material that makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Not portable and convenient to carry around

3. Vitorun Anti Barking Device

Vitorun Anti Barking Device

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Effective dog training, adjustable frequency design, human and pet safe, easy to use, portable size.

Best for: Training your dog to adopt good behavior.

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Bad behavior in dogs can be destructive. Other than making the dogs irritable, bad behavior can make the dogs injure themselves. To change the bad dog behavior, you will need an anti-barking dog device, and the Vitorun Anti Barking Device is one of the best in the market. Built to detect dog barks from a distance, this unit will help control and silence the loud barks of dogs. It can also be used for dog training, and this will come in handy when you need to eliminate bad behavior such as digging and eating bad things. The device is safe for both humans and pets, and this will help you prevent harm to your dog.

Some dogs are able to show resistance to some frequencies, and when this happens, this device allows you to adjust the frequency range. This, therefore, prevents the dogs from building up resistance when you are training them. The device has a small design that makes it portable. You can, therefore, carry it from place to place to continue with your dog training exercise. Using this anti-barking device is very easy as you only have to press one button to deploy the ultrasonic sounds. Buy this unit today for effective dog training.

Pros and Cons

  • Portable unit that is easy to carry around
  • Easy to operate with the touch of a button
  • The device is safe for humans and animals
  • The device is not resistant to harsh weather elements

2. Geohee Anti Barking Device

Geohee Anti Barking Device

Price: Affordable.

Special features: Durable and waterproof, adjustable frequency levels, effective signal range, powerful microphone sensors, easy to hang.

Best for: Controlling the loud barks of neighborhood dogs outdoors.

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If you are looking to silence the loud barks of dogs in your neighborhood, then the Geohee Anti Barking Device is one of the best ultrasonic dog bark deterrent devices you can get at the moment. This unit has an impressive design that you can mount when ensure you are able to pick up the loud barks coming from dogs in the neighborhood. It has a durable and waterproof design that ensures the design does not get damaged when it gets rained on or should it get exposed to harsh weather conditions.

This anti-barking device emits harmless ultrasonic signals that will silence dogs from barking. The signals are harmless to humans and dogs, and this will guarantee your well-being in the long run. It has an effective control range as well since it is able to pick dog barks from up to 50 feet away using sensitive microphones. The dog control happens automatically, and this way, you will not have to leave the comfort of your home to activate the unit for dog bark determent. This method of dog control is safer than other methods out there and this makes a great pick for all dog lovers. The device has been built in a birdhouse design for hanging on trees and other outdoor surfaces. The electronic frequency can be adjusted to prevent dogs from building up resistance.

Pros and Cons

  • Has an effective control range of 50 feet
  • Safe and gentle on dogs and humans
  • The frequency can be adjusted to prevent resistance from building up
  • Some users complain the unit is heavy and bulky

1. Modus Untrasonic Anti Barking Device

Modus Anti Barking Device

Price: Fairly priced.

Special features: Lightweight design for easy portability, weatherproof and durable construction, Energy saver, batteries last for more than four months.

Best for: ideal for training all dogs and bark control.

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Modus Anti-barking device is a superb choice for everyone looking for a capable tool to improve the efficiency of dog training. This ultrasonic device couples bark control and dog training. This allows you to effectively train your dog at home and stop unwanted habits such as digging, biting, fighting, barking, or eating something dirty. Another great thing about this device is that it is safe to use indoors and outdoors. It is powered by four AAA batteries and has a decent control range of about 16.4ft.

Pros and Cons

  • Convenient indoor and outdoor use
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Easy to use almost everywhere
  • The working range is slightly short

Selecting the Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent Devices

Undeniably, you would want to get the best dog bark deterrent device for your dog. Unfortunately, not all the models on the market are designed to meet your needs. For these reasons, you should take your time to look for some specific requirements that will meet your pet’s needs.


As you can tell from the reviewed products, there are various types of ultrasonic dog bark deterrent, and each model performs exceptionally well under different circumstances. For this reason, you must pick the model that fits your particular needs. For instance, if you want to train your dog or keep away unfriendly dogs when walking around the neighborhood, go for the handheld units. On the other hand, if you are looking to control a noisy neighborhood dog, you should go with an outdoor ultrasonic device.


These devices use replaceable batteries. While these batteries are not expensive, it is still crucial to ensure that last for several weeks. Replacing the batteries repeatedly is not only financially draining but also inconvenient. To be on the safe side, go for energy-efficient models with a battery runtime of at least three months. Also, the device should have a battery level indicator that lets you know when the batteries need to be replaced.


Equally important, you should also consider the device’s range. A standard model has a range of 30 ft although some advanced models have a range of up to 150 ft. Some of the things to consider when selecting the range include your yard size and your neighbor proximity. Therefore, if you are looking to control a noisy neighbor dog, you should pick a model with a range of at least 50ft.


Without the right knowledge, selecting the best dog anti-barking devices can be overwhelming. Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy something ineffective or cause harm to your pet. However, this doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you. We hope that our detailed guide has helped you alleviate any concerns when it comes to choosing this device. Selecting any of the above models might be your best bet when it comes to finding a device that is 100 percent safe and effective. Happy buying!