Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?


Most mornings when you are about to wake up, you usually find your dog sitting on your bed or jumping around excitedly on the bed. They can’t wait for the day to get started and they are on your bed eagerly waiting for you to get up. And I am sure you must be thinking why does my dog sleep under the bed?

Most of the time in the morning you must have noticed that your pup has been sleeping under the bed and they aren’t excited to get the day started. They are reluctant to leave the safe space under your bed even when you call them out. Typically, this is harmless behavior but you need to understand why your dog is hiding under the bed for you to be able to provide them with better care in their times of need.

Common reasons why dogs sleep under the bed

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed

You have probably found your dog sleeping under the bed on many occasions. To help you understand such behavior, here are the common reasons why your dog is behaving this way.

It feels safe under the bed

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed

One of the main reasons your dog is spending a lot of time under your bed is because it feels safe there. By sleeping underneath your bed, the dog can see potential threats from all sides, thus making it easy for the dog to protect itself. There could be no reason at all for your dog to feel scared in your home but dogs with a submissive personality sometimes behave this way for their own safety.

The dog is fearful

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed

Fear is another reason your dog always sleeps under your bed. If there is chaos in your home that is causing your dog to be fearful, your dog’s reaction could be to hide under the bed and even sleep there until daybreak. Thunderstorms and loud noises outside could also make your dog fearful and cause them to spend the night beneath your bed.

It feels threatened

This behavior could also be because your dog is feeling threatened. When you have certain people and animals in your home and you notice that your dog leaves the room and goes to hide under the bed, your dog probably feels threatened by their presence hence the decision to go hide under the bed. It could also be hiding under the bed because you are mad at it for certain wrong things. In this case, interact with the dog calmly and use positive reinforcement to change the behavior rather than punishing it.

For comfort

It’s common for dogs to sleep under the bed because they find it comfortable. The area is usually darker and cooler which makes it the perfect sleeping spot for your dog. The fresh carpet also enhances the comfort levels and this makes the area underneath your bed quite enjoyable for relaxation. If your dog doesn’t show signs of being fearful or anxious, then this is the main reason they are sleeping under the bed.

They don’t want to be disturbed

When your dog doesn’t want to be bothered, it will likely go and hide under the bed away from everyone else. This usually happens after getting some exercise or after getting fed.

Things to consider

To figure out the main reason why your dog is sleeping under the bed, there are a few things you need to consider such as;

What happened before your dog started sleeping under the bed

If your dog didn’t always sleep under the bed, you should consider what happened in the first place to make your dog adopt this behavior. There could be an event that made the dog start sleeping under the bed such as a visitor being aggressive towards it or excessive noise outside your home from a construction project.

What’s different when your dog doesn’t sleep under the bed

If your dog exhibits this behavior occasionally, you should examine the circumstances to find out what is different when the dog doesn’t sleep or hide under the bed. It could be that your dog hides under the bed when you leave the house, and this could be a sign of separation anxiety.

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How to stop this behavior

In as much as this behavior is harmless, you shouldn’t encourage it, and here are some of the things you can do to stop the behaviour.

Give the dog another place to sleep

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed

If your dog doesn’t have a nice place to sleep, create a lovely spot where your dog will be spending the night. Get a crate and put a cover over it to create a nice and cozy spot where your dog will feel safe.

Train your dog to sleep somewhere else

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Bed

Your dog could be sleeping under your bed because it finds the place safe and comfortable. It could be hard to get it to move to another location but with the use of reinforcement training, you will be able to move it to another spot.

Make a comfortable place where your dog should sleep and encourage the dog to use this location by giving it a treat. Every time the dog lays on that spot give it a treat until it gets used to that location.

Take it to the vet

Your dog could be sleeping under your bed because it is in pain and the area beneath your bed is the only safe place where it can isolate without getting disturbed. If this is the case, take the dog to the vet to get the issue checked out. The dog will heal and be happy to spend time in its normal sleeping spot.

Eliminate the fear factors

There could be things that are making your dog fearful within the house. Removing these things will make your dog less fearful and this way, it will not have to hide under the bed.


Dogs are sensitive and empathetic animals and it is your role as the owner to make sure they are leading a wonderful life. There is no harm if your dog loves to spend time underneath your bed but make sure they aren’t doing this because they are scared to sleep elsewhere in your home.


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