6 Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Cats and Dogs


Pests cause a nuisance in the life of the animals, especially during the warm weather. Their eggs hatch and the newborns try to find a comfy space to stay. The issue of fleas and ticks is massive. They invade the personal space of cats and dogs and spread diseases all around the area. It is thus of utmost importance to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Here is how you can do that.

Ways to prevent fleas and ticks on cats and dogs are 

fleas and ticks

Flea/tick prevention Shampoo and other products

flea/tick shampoo

Multiple brands understand the issue and hence, produce potent tonics and shampoo that can be safely used on your pet to shoo away fleas and ticks. However, you must read the directions carefully and use the amount mentioned on the product or consult your veterinary doctor for any concern.

Some Natural Remedies

If your dog or cat is allergic to chemicals, worry not. You can opt for many natural remedies to prevent ticks and fleas. Some of them include the smell of Garlic, lemongrass, lavender, etc. Fleas and ticks can’t stand these smells. You can also bathe your pet with diluted apple cider vinegar.

Use a small toothed comb

dog combing

Combing your pet once a day helps in removing the fleas and ticks that are lying carefree on their bodies.

Buy a flea trap or make one by yourself

A flea trap assists in keeping away all the fleas. You can easily DIY one at your home by filling a bowl with water and soap and hanging light over it. It is the Best Dog Flea and Tick prevention technique you can do for your adorable pets.

Clean surroundings

surround clean environment

It is chief to have clean lawn areas or other surroundings. The fleas and ticks grow on the garbage. So make sure that you chop your garden grass timely and throw away your refuse daily.

Keep a regular check on your Dogs or cats

check on your Dogs

Besides taking all the precautions, inspect your pet regularly for any tick living in their fur. Do examine your pet and yourself when you come back home after an evening walk from the woods. It is necessary to treat the disease before it festers.

These tips will help you in keeping fleas and tick at bay not only during the peak time when fleas and ticks attach to your pets but also around the year. It is hard to understand the needs of your dog or cat. Hence, it becomes significant to learn about them to become a good paw-rent.


Furthermore, if you want to learn about your pet, or have any queries regarding paw-renting, head over to the Best Dog Lover website and clarify your doubts. Lots of information is available on our website that is useful in maintaining the good health of your pet. These tips and tricks come in handy and are beneficial when applied in real life.


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