How To Keep Your Dog Clean and Smelling Good?


Like other pet parents, you might be wondering how to keep your dog clean and smelling good? Continually looking for adequate ways to improve or brush up on the lifestyle of a dog is one of the favourite hobbies of many pet owners. Dogs’ skin is not like a human, they don’t scrubbing as we do. You can bathe a dog with normal skin once a month with dog shampoo or to max once a week but not more than that unless recommended by a vet.

It is a common observation that dogs themselves don’t care about how they smell as it doesn’t bother them at all, though their odour is fairly noticeable by others. If they find it interesting, they won’t consider how stinky it is. There is something you can do to sustain the freshness in your dog, keep it healthy, and most importantly, enforce others to appreciate how your dog smells.

What You Can Do?


  • You can better use the pet wipes to keep them clean. It is one of the ways preferred by the pet owners to take care of. They are handy and portable. It is something pet owners can never forget to have beside them no matter they are home or out somewhere.
  • Taking a profound thought of what kind of food you are feeding your dog. That matters a lot. Since quality food would help in tackling the doggie smell from inside. The quality of the food plays an important role in the health of the dog as well.
  • Keeping a habit of brushing your dog’s teeth & ears regularly will also considerably deal with the odour issues. It makes the odour isn’t due to some infection.


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