How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Live Longer?


An average life span of a dog is around 8-15 years still Bluey, 29 years and 5 months old Australian catte-dog holds a record of world’s oldest dog by age. Dogs living over twenty years happens rarely to be specific it occurs in smaller breeds. So this indicates it can be rare but is not impossible. If you take care of your dogs as it should be and keep them healthy absolute, they can live for a longer period.

If you’re a dog lover and worried about your dog these below dog health tips will surely help you irrespective of dog’s breed.

Focus on healthy Diet

You’ll have to start concentrating on the diet. Keeping the mark of your dog’s caloric intake will help bring you to bring his body weight in balance. A dog with a healthy weight lives a longer life. The quality of the food you makes a lot of difference. Your Dog lover continual shares reviews on dog food products, you can go through them to find the top healthy dog food to feed your dog.


It’s chief practice to elongate the life span of your dog. Not only for dogs but exercise is also proven drill to reduce stress levels, release endorphins and balance the mood of humans as well. If you cannot your dog participate in the workout, make sure you take him on a walk or jog for better.

Brushing Teeth

Most of the pet owners often forget to brush their dog’s teeth regularly.  Overlooking dental hygiene can lead to many undesired diseases such as plaque, gingivitis, and sooner or later periodontal disease can also occur. It’s not that hard to take care of their teeth.

At Your Dog lover, we cover reviews on all food products and other dog-related items, which can help you pick the right choice for your dog, follow dog health tips and take care of your dog as it should be.


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