How to Protect Dog From Flea And Ticks?


It’s possible that you’re searching for the solution to How to Protect Dog From Fleas And Ticks.  Your dog needs your attention not just in the months when flea season (usually November-February) is on, but throughout the year. Flea and ticks can cause a lot of irritation and pain to your four-legged friend. The ideal thing is to take preventive measures to keep flea at bay by using the flea comb on the skin of your pet smoothly and softly. If your pet starts itching, you do not need to wait for him to be attacked by insects before you can solve the problem. Rather be alert seeing the daily movements and habits of your dog.

fleas-and-ticks preventation

Protect Dog From Flea And Ticks

Other preventive steps include keeping your puppy away from the grass & low-handing bushes where ticks persist or near corroded wood where flea attacks could be rampant. You can use the flea and tick shampoo to bathe your dog, so the flea gets removed. In severe cases when it leads to infestation, you should consult a veterinarian immediately. Wash the dog’s bedding and vacuum on a regular basis to limit the presence of flea in your home.

fleas-and-ticks preventation

How to Kill the insects

For best results, you could also tie a flea collar to your dog. This kills and repels the insects from causing harm to your pet. The collar is odourless and non-greasy, which offers one of the best dog flea and tick prevention ways. Usually, these collars aim to provide up to 8-12 months of protection to the dogs (depending upon the product). It is water-resistant available for dogs of all sizes, both online and offline.


Keeping a constant check on your pet is essential for his joy and to say no to any kind of tick-borne illness. For more tips on the best dog flea and tick prevention stay connected with Your Dog Lover – the one-stop shop for all information related to dogs and dog products.


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