Why Does My Dog Whine All The Time?


You must be wondering why does my dog whine all the time, right? Dogs are not able to talk, but they can use other modes of communication to interact with humans. Sometimes, whining is one of those forms of communication. Whining may be cute but if it’s allowed to go on for a long period, it can become annoying.

Why Does My Dog Whine All The Time?

My Dog Whine

As a dog owner, you should not encourage whining as it can develop into problematic behaviour. A dog that whines excessively can become a bother around the household. It can also develop other bad habits such as constant barking and this will interfere with the peace and tranquillity around your home.

There are certain things you can do as a dog owner to calm the whining but before doing that, you need to understand why your dog is whining in the first place. Here are some of the reasons why your dog is whining.

Reasons your dog is whining

It is not always obvious why a dog is whining. It could be asking for a treat or begging to go outside and play. Other times, it’s not easy to tell exactly why a dog is whining. In these instances, you need to look at the dog’s body language to understand what it’s trying to tell you. There a few common reasons for whining and they include;

The dog needs something

The most obvious reason why your dog is whining is that they want something from you such as food, water, or they want to go out for a walk. Your dog’s favorite toy could be stuck under the couch and they may need your help to retrieve it.

Your dog could also be whining because they need to go outside and relieve themselves. If you have house-trained your dog and they get the urge to urinate or defecate, they will start whining for you to open the door so that they can go outside and relieve themselves. Their whining, in this case, could be accompanied by actions such as scratching the door and nudging you with their snout.

However, a constant need to go out and relieve itself could point to a bladder or digestive problem and you should take your dog to the vet for an examination.

The dog is seeking attention

Attension seeker dog

Your dog could also be whining because no one is paying attention to them. Just like how little kids whine when they are bored, your dog could be whining because they want someone to play with.

This attention-seeking behavior often creeps up when you are focusing on an important task or when you are talking to someone on the phone. It could also come up when your dog gets jealous because you are spending time with another person or pet.

To ensure your dog doesn’t get bored all the time, make sure you are giving them enough mental stimulation every day. Boredom will not only make your dog whine but it could also lead to destructive behaviors like chewing furniture and digging flowerbeds.

Photo by Alexandru Rotariu from Pexels.
Photo by Alexandru Rotariu from Pexels.

The dog is scared or stressed

If you’ve been wondering why does my dog whine all the time, the reason could be because they are scared or stressed. When the whining is accompanied by trembling, panting, or pacing, it’s likely that your dog is fearful or anxious about something. You could have a new guest in your home that’s making the dog anxious.

If the dog whines anxiously when you are about to leave the house, it could be suffering from separation anxiety. Dogs with this condition may engage in destructive behavior when you are gone and as such, you should get them to calm down before leaving to make them less anxious.

The dog is in pain

Dog in pain

Whining could also indicate that your dog is experiencing some sort of physical distress. When the dog whines just as he is about to jump on the couch or climb the stairs, he may be experiencing pain in the joints as a result of arthritis.

If all your dog’s needs are met, then physical distress is the obvious reason they are whining and you need to take them to the vet to get checked.

The dog is trying to apologize

Dog Apologise

When your dog whines, it could also be because he is trying to say he is sorry. Whining can be a form of submissive behavior and the dog could start whining after they have been scolded for bad behavior such as chewing furniture and making a mess in the house. Such whining is usually accompanied by a submissive posture where the dog puts his head, tail, and ears down.

If your dog is trying to apologize to you in this manner, acknowledge the apology and walk away. This will give a signal to the dog that it has been welcomed back and it will stop the whining.

Communicating excitement

Why does my dog whine all the time

Another reason your dog could be whining is that they are excited. An excited dog will not only whine but also move about the place and jump around to burn all its energy. The dog craves your touch at this point but since you don’t want to encourage this behavior, don’t touch, talk, or keep eye contact with the dog until it settles down. This will teach the dog to remain calm and collected all the time.


Whining is one of the methods dogs use to communicate with us. Dogs whine to express their excitement and seek attention. Whining is not one of the best behaviors a dog may portray, but before you dismiss them for whining all the time, try to understand why the dog is whining in the first place. The dog could be in pain and in need of medical attention. Your dog could also need to go outside to relieve itself because they are pressed and doesn’t want to mess your house. We hope this post provides all the answers you need for the question, “Why does my dog whine all the time?” We also hope the solutions provided will help you know what to do when your dog exhibits such behavior.


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